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Vacation Home Rental Pet Policy

Printable Vacation Rental Pet Policies

We are aware that most folks do not like to leave their favorite pet at home so the pool areas around our Orlando area pet friendly vacation rental villas are completely screened to ensure your peace of mind. Our wish is to bring families together and create wonderful-lifetime memories. Please review our pet friendly vacation home rental policies below:

We appreciate your cooperation so we can continue to welcome pets to our Orlando area pet friendly vacation home rentals.

Dear Pet Owners:
We have some restrictions regarding dogs:
  • Please clean up the yard immediately after your dog has been let out, and anywhere you take them around the subdivision.
  • Kissimmee has a leash law, all dogs must be on a leash at all times unless in the backyard.
  • Please crate your dog(s) when / if they are left alone in the house.
  • Please do not let your dogs on the furniture (including beds) without putting your own cover / blanket on first.
  • Linens / Towels provided in the pet friendly vacation home rental are not to be used for your pet.
  • Please do not ALLOW YOUR DOG TO SWIM IN THE POOL, oil from the coat clings to the pool wall and is very hard to remove, hair also clogs the skimmer and damages the filter! It is also very bad for the dog's skin!
  • Please do not groom your dog by the pool, the hair causes the same problems listed above.
  • Please BRING YOUR DOGS FAVORITE BOWL FOR MEAL TIMES, do not use dishes from the pet friendly vacation villa rental.
  • Do not lock the screen enclosure doors to the pool area, or the gate if house has a private fence as the pool and lawn care companies must have access.
  • Please do not let your dogs damage the pool screen.

Failure to comply with the above pet policies will result in deductions from your security deposit.

A $500 security deposit is required for all pet friendly vacation rentals.
This deposit is refundable after the home is inspected and cleaned.